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Indiana Water Filters~The Safest Water You Can Drink, Right at Your Kitchen Sink

Water is essential to all life. There is no better way to insure you and your family are drinking healthy water unless you have a home water filter. Public water supplies are not safe. Well water is not safe. Use a high quality water filter in your home.

Tap or Bottled – What Water Is Better?

 Tap or bottled; what water is better? We all know that it is essential to life. Healthy water comes in many forms. It can be purchased bottled, or straight from the tap. Tap water can be filtered, or not. What does the water you choose to drink do to the environment? Get the facts before you choose. If the environment is not healthy, how can it be healthy?

Bottled water is convenient, easy to grab when one is on the go and want to drink healthy. Drinking plenty of it keeps the body healthy and in shape. As bottled is more convenient, it encourages healthy drinking habits. There are studies that show some bottled water has as many or more contaminates than that of tap water.

Bottled water is a booming business. Many companies market and sell water in bottles. The price for a single bottle averages around $1.00 per 12 to 16 oz bottle. This makes it, when purchased in a single serve plastic bottle, more expensive than a gallon milk, and even a gallon of gas!

If the cost alone is not enough to convince that bottled may not be the best choice, consider the environmental effects of getting it into those plastic bottles. The manufacturing of bottles to put it in contributes to pollution. The plastic bottles that do not get recycled pollute the environment and the methods used to recycle plastic. It takes 1,000 years for plastic water bottles to bio degrade. There are many other adverse effects that bottled water has on the environment.

Where does bottled water come from? Does it come from that babbling brook that is shown on the advertising? Surprisingly, most so called fresh form the brook water is nothing but filtered tap water put in fancy packaging to look like it comes from the cleanest places on earth.

Tap water is an alternative to bottled water. Tap is better than bottled for several reasons. It is readily available and easy to transport. Just turn on the tap and fill up a glass. Tap water is just as healthy as or even healthier than bottled. In most cases, the origin of tap is easy to trace. It either comes from a private well, or a city supply.

If there are contaminates in the tap water, they can be easily removed with a water filter. Water filters come in many forms for filtering an entire house or business, filter pitchers to filter tap water for drinking. When tap water is chosen over bottled water, there are less adverse effects on the environment. There are no bottles to produce or dispose of. The water comes from home, not a factory.

When choosing tap or bottled, what water is better is up to the consumer. Consumers should educate themselves on the value of each and their ultimate effect on the environment. Tap water is better environmentally than bottled water. Bottled water is more convenient than tap water. Each has its good points and bad. When it comes to the essential water for sustaining life, we should choose wisely.

Kat Oakley
F5MC Support
Article Writer

My vision is to have a steady income so that I can be a stay at home grandma. I welcome challenging subjects. I find researching a subject interesting. For me, article writing fosters life long learning.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Katrina_Oakley

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5401601

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