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Indiana Water Filters~The Safest Water You Can Drink, Right at Your Kitchen Sink

Water is essential to all life. There is no better way to insure you and your family are drinking healthy water unless you have a home water filter. Public water supplies are not safe. Well water is not safe. Use a high quality water filter in your home.

The Importance of a Clean Water Supply

 The importance of a clean water supply is evident everywhere. People, plants and animals all need it to survive. Water is essential to all living creatures. When the water supply is not clean, it is not healthy. When contaminated it cannot sustain life. Once it is contaminated, it must be cleaned to be healthy once again.

People and animals need clean water. A human body is over 70% water. Every mammal body function and part needs water to survive and work effectively. Contaminated water can harm every system in the body. Not enough clean water can also do irreversible damage to the brain or other vital organs.

Humans use it in many ways. Cooking, bathing, washing and drinking. Taking a bath or shower in dirt, would just not get a person clean. We do not cook with dirt, nor do we drink water that we can see is dirty.

Animals have the same need for clean streams, lakes, and rivers. Mammals, birds, fish and reptiles depend on a clean supply for their survival. Many animals have perished due to lack of clean, healthy supply.

Contamination happens in a variety of ways. Man made disasters like a large oil spill. Pollution from man made manufacturing releases pollution into the air, which will contaminate the supply. Throwing trash randomly into a stream or lake is another way to contaminate the supply.

Mother Nature also contributes to an unhealthy supply. Drought, earthquakes, tsunami, tidal waves, and any number of other natural disasters can contaminate the supply. Nature also has its own way of cleaning up the mess she delivers, but it can take hundreds of years to once again become a healthy resource

Humans are careless and do not think that there will ever be a time when all water is unsafe to use. We get used to having clean water readily available. When there comes a time that clean, healthy water is unavailable, what will happen to the human race?

The effect of unhealthy water is evident in countries that have suffered from earthquakes and other natural and manmade disasters. Cholera, dysentery, and dehydration is prevalent in any place on earth that has had a major disaster.

Water is used by every bodily function. Without clean healthy water, the body cannot function. Clean drinking water should be abundant. Studies have shown biological or chemicals in some form contaminate most of the drinking water supply. As a result, we are studying ways to clean drinking water for consumption.

Some water is cleaned by a filtration system. On a large scale, city water is cleaned at a central location and travels through a pipe system to households, seemingly clean and healthy. Some rural homes have a private well system that pumps water from the land the home is on into the home. Farm and lawn care chemicals can contaminate a private water supply and not be detected by the homeowner until residents become ill.

We have a personal stake in insuring clean healthy water. Many home and business owners filter their own water to be sure it is clean and healthy. Filtering water before consuming is one way to be sure to have a clean water supply.

Kat Oakley
F5MC Support
Article Writer

My vision is to have a steady income so that I can be a stay at home grandma. I welcome challenging subjects. I find researching a subject interesting. For me, article writing fosters life long learning.



Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Katrina_Oakley

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